Dogs or cats

Do Dogs or Cats make better pets?

 The age old battle. Dogs OR cats. who makes the better pet?

Dogs or cats. Let’s draw the lines clearly.

  • Which one makes you feel happier?
  • Which one takes care of you better?
  • which one’s love is worth more?
  • um, how much do they cost?
  • famous examples?


dogs or cats
dogs v cats

Dogs make better pets

Adam Doyle @adamdoyle99

Dogs clearly make the superior pet. The roles a dog can play are nearly unlimited: a companion, friend, family member, joker, motivator, consoler….Is it really a coincidence that ‘god’ spelled backwards is ‘dog’? Dogs care about their families. They’re protective, brave and will defend your home from intruders. Even small dogs:

dog plans guard burglars

Cats would shrug at the sight of a robber entering their house. They would even assist in the crime if they were rewarded with a treat. That’s assuming the cat is in the house in the first place, and not marauding around back alleys looking for feline kicks.

In an emergency, I know which animal I would prefer to have by my side. There’s a good chance a dog would raise the alarm if you collapsed in the house. A cat would just look at your crumpled body with disdain, and may even try to eat your face (not an urban legend!) after a short period.

Dogs are heroes. Lassie, Hooch and K9 to name just a few. Yes, they’re all movie stars, but it’s a reflection of our society and how important our canine friends are to us. How many cats playing leading roles in films? Close to zero. Only cold-hearted killers didn’t shed a tear watching Hooch’s death scene. The poor dog took a bullet to save the life of his owner, Tom Hanks. Hooch knew what a national treasure Tom Hanks was, even back in the 80’s!

Dogs have a bowl-half full attitude to life. No matter what crappy mood you’re in, when you walk in the front door at the end of a long day, a dog will welcome you with unlimited energy and love. Dogs also need you, it’s nice to feel needed. By even whispering the word ‘walk’, you create a level of excitement only equaled by Pokemon Go.

It’s cats, we know it’s cats. The internet knows it’s cats.

Amy Keeler @amykdwyer

Dogs or cats is it? I want you to read this in the voice of Alan Rickman. Because that is how a cats sounds. You snivelling, unworthy beasts.


First up, I’ll just leave this here:


And I could probably leave it there. But that’s not what a cat would do. Because cats are smart and that’s the difference. Do you want the love of an idiot who can’t tell the difference if you treat him well or badly, who’ll just pant and slobber all over everything (probably crap too) eating his own puke and will shamble around gormlessly waiting for the smallest modicum of affection? But enough about my tinder profile ( thatsthejoke.jpg ), this is what you get with a dog. Dogs are beer. Dogs or cats isn’t a hard choice. Low-brow American label watered down beer and their affection means nothing because it comes from a creature with the IQ of the wet tennis ball it keeps bringing back to you forever. Cats are wine. Fine wine that’s better than you. A cat dresses in Chanel and judges you from rolled down window of its bitchy little 2 door Merc.

You earn a cats affection. That means it’s worth something. A cat won’t attack a burglar, it probably opened the door for him. It will lead him, happily through your home pointing out the best things to rob. Then it will laugh at you. Because a cat doesn’t give fuck one. About you or your possessions or your sense of self or id or whatever. A cat wants to be fed when it likes, petted when it feels the need and basically worshipped the way the Egyptians used to. Dogs or cats, the answer is clear!

Exhibit A:


These are all good things. Because that shit is funnier than a dog falling off a table. Life is about spice and intelligence and interest, not dull, cuddly banality. Vote cat for a more interesting tomorrow.


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