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Is Mourinho really being disrespectful to Schweinsteiger?

  • Schweinsteiger has been forced to train with the youth team
  • The German star has been excluded from the 25 man squad
  • Mourinho is clear that Schweinsteiger is not part of his plans
  • Schweinsteiger’s brother has said that it is disrespectful

Yes, his behaviour is DISGRACEFUL

8 Bundesliga titles, 7 German Cup victories, a Champions League medal and a World Cup winner. The list goes on much longer. This celebrated player has been forced to train with the youth team by football’s ‘peace activist’, Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho makes a living from antagonizing other players, coaches, and even his own medical staff. Labelling Wenger a “specialist in failure”, shouting “mother f*cker” at team doctor, Eva Carneiro, and of course, eye gouging the assistant manager of a rival club.

Nobody is surprised that the ‘Special One’ is acting in such a disrespectful manner. It’s expected. The media love it. A decorated football player, a true leader on the pitch and a modern great is being humiliated. Discretion isn’t in Mourinho’s lexicon so Schweinsteiger is being pushed out in the most publicly embarrassing way possible. It’s wrong.

Is Mourinho really being disrespectful to Schweinsteiger?
Is Mourinho really being disrespectful to Schweinsteiger?

No, it’s just a football decision

Call in the Trade Union! A footballer, earning a mere 150,000 GBP per week, has been told he is no longer needed. Who cares about the NHS Doctor’s strike?! We need to turn our attention to the plight of Schweinsteiger. Won’t somebody start a petition on!

Mourinho doesn’t want a 32-year-old with a history of injury problems. That’s not a surprise. Schweinsteiger only managed 18 appearances last year and didn’t impress. The full throttle pace of the Premier League doesn’t suit his style.

There is considerable pressure on Mourinho this season. Another season of mediocrity is simply not an option. Why waste time giving false hope to a player not in his plans? The whole world now knows Schweinsteiger is available, so he’s likely to get big money move away shortly. It’s a win-win.

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