Mourinho won't win anything with Manchester United

Why Mourinho definitely won’t win the league with Man Utd

He arrived in a flurry of pomp and promise, but looking a little deeper than the uninspired predictions of Guardian columnists and the blinkered optimism of fans, what kind of impact is Jose Mourinho going to have on Manchester Utd? The answer:  a bad one.

Mourinho won’t win the league at Manchester United and here’s why.

What we’ll look at:

  • How Mourinho burns teams out
  • How good is Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a top league
  • How good the squad is
  • Tired tactics in an ever improving Premiership


Why Jose won't win with Man Utd
Why Jose won’t win with Man Utd

Mourinho burns players out winning and then just moves on.

Mourinho won’t win the league with Manchester United.  It was Fabio Capello who was one of the most prominent voices to bring this up. You’d have to agree his career isn’t exactly synonymous with longevity. He certainly isn’t a Sir Alex that seems likely to stick around decades. Mourinho burnt Chelsea out winning the league the season before last. The intensity he demands of his players, the commitment and physical punishment, just can’t be sustained a full third season, sometimes not even a second. Typically it’s the season after the championship season that Mourinho players wilt. Before Chelsea it happened at Real Madrid. After a couple of seasons of being walloped by Barca they pulled together and managed the titanic accomplishment of overhauling them, only to fall apart the following season, incapable of sustaining the tempo. Egos, dressing room showdowns you  name it, all occur.  He stops being Mr. Popular at this point.

At Inter he didn’t even leave himself this opportunity, leaving directly after their treble winning year to go to Real immediately. Watch what happened with that squad, there were almost none of them left after another season. All of their careers floundered also. In short, Mourinho can get the wins, but he’ll shatter your team doing it, which means if he doesn’t accomplish this in his first couple of seasons, it gets less likely he’ll do it at all. Admittedly he took a couple of years at Real, but that was in essentially a two-team pre-Simeone peroid.

Now, maybe he’ll amend his ways this time, take his time, get less demanding. But I doubt he’ll change his system. He’s taken a blow being dismissed from Chelsea like that. He needs to win again fast.

Zlatan won't be winning
Zlatan won’t be winning

Zlatan isn’t anything like as good as he says he is and this will show.

We’ve all seen Zlatan’s great goals in the Dutch and Italian leagues. We all know about Zlatan’s record of relentless winning in all leagues. But taking a closer look, this might not be nearly as impressive as on the surface.

His first major league was the dutch league, hardly the apogee of football standard despite the pretensions to total football the national team still seem to have. Next, he travels to Juventus, during the height of Calciopoli, where matches and referees and decisions were being decided by phonecall in advance. Added to this was the spectacular fall from grace Serie A suffered once more money started filtering into other leagues. As soon as Juventus were relegated for punishment, and Milan were docked too many points to ever challenge, Ibra jumps ship to Inter, guaranteed of headlines and a league title. Just to state pretty clearly. Zlatan Ibrahimovic isn’t a bad striker at all. In fact he’s a pretty good one, but this record he carries around with him is a ludicrous inflation of the facts. Throughout all of this he still never, and to date has never, impressed in the Champions League or International matches. He secured his dream move to Barcelona, only to be told he was second billing to Messi (perhaps understandable, as the whole world is) and in his solitary season there only managed 21 goals in a league where the likes of Messi and Ronaldo have been scoring twice that. Milan was another sinecure, as was PSG, a hugely financed team in a highly deficient league like playing with Everton in the league of Ireland. Of course he’s going to score goals there. How many decent teams other than PSG currently play in the French league? Maybe Lyon and Marseilles?

The Premiership is different. It’s not as hard to score as Serie A but it is more physical, faster and there are more decently set up teams, especially this year with the influx of managing talent. Ibra has left it too late. He’s too old. He might have made it once upon a time, but he won’t be the world beater they need.

Man Utd squad
Man Utd squad

Manchester Utd. can’t possibly win with this squad.

Phil Jones, Fellaini, Antonio Valencia, Chris Smalling, Will Keane, Morgan Schneiderlin, Jesse Lingard, Ashley Young, Marcus rashford, Memphis Depay, James Wilson. Mourinho won’t win the league with Manchester United. Outside of the four or five top names in the squad, the standard plummets terribly. I could include Wayne Rooney here, who hasn’t had a decent season in many, many years, and Michael Carrick, who’s in the same boat.

We’ve discussed Ibrahimovic falling short. I’m confident Mkhitaryan will fall short too, another example of how tough it is to step from the German league to the Premiership (there are already many). Which leaves Pogba. I actually think Pogba will be ok. But he won’t be Pogba. Juventus nurture players the way United once did. Pogba was developed into this player and supported on the pitch by his Juve team mates. He had never played as well for France. They overpaid for him. He’ll be good, at times great, but not the force we’re used to in Black and White.  Can you honestly comnpare this squad to the players at Chelsea or Man City and say they’re on the same planet? Hardly. And this is the problem in general. Lot of OK players here, Mata, Rojo, Herrera, but they’re not the players for Mourinho’s tactics. Mourinho won’t win the league with Manchester United.

Parking the bus
Parking the bus

Mourinho employs tired negative tactics which annoy and are outdated.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s achieved great things with these tactics but Mourinho won’t win the league with Manchester United. The treble for Inter was one of the great managerial achievements I’ve seen on my life. But he parked the bus. That was the season he intentionally allowed Barcelona dominate possession so they could be stifled. This is how Mourinho played. In a way he always belonged in the Italian league. He parked the bus at Real Madrid as much as he could with the kind of squad they have, likewise at Chelsea. He’s a negative, defensive manager and he once again finds himself in a league where Pep Guardiola has the best squad and best chance of winning. He won’t win in England with these tactics and this squad, and he won’t win in Europe. he’s burn his side out within 2 seasons and be off looking for work in Italy again. Mourinho won’t win the league with Manchester United.

Do you agree Mourinho won’t win the league with Manchester United?

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  1. Too much negativity here.Ibra won’t be as good for the full season.They are relying on 19 year old kids on the wings. Utd gotta splurge a bit again if they wanna have a shot at the league.

  2. The laziest attempt at sports journalism I have ever seen. You’re either referencing disproved claims about Mourinho and the players or you’re clutching at straws. Not an inch of fact in this. Maybe do better research next time and actually watch the sport for once. Laughable.

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