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Liverpool supporters face another year of self delusion

  • Klopp’s ‘revolution’ is another false dawn
  • Players are not good enough
  • Supporters continue to live off past glories
  • Champions league spot will be beyond them

Klopp’s ‘revolution’ is another false dawn

Klopp’s Kop army is already in full voice. Liverpool supporters were becoming irrationally excited about the possibility of success this year. This was after a 4-3 away win to the consistent bottlers, Arsenal. A weekend loss to Burnley has put the champagne on ice for a while. The German boss, who is a loveable rogue, has helped spread something that’s already in the DNA of every Liverpool supporter: self delusion.

While Klopp has passion and charm, his tactics are limited. Tactic number 1: Running around like a Duracell bunny aka. ‘Gegenpressing’. Tactic number 2: See tactic number 1. In a similar vein to Marcelo Bielsa, Klopp’s teams are typically knackered by March. Even professional footballers have their limits. Liverpool will secure some big wins, but as always, they’ll lack the consistency to really challenge. This won’t stop their supporters dreaming of glory


Players are not good enough

There are so many question marks over the quality in Liverpool’s squad. While Mourinho has signed top quality players without exception, Liverpool’s additions, while expensive, still have a gambler’s feel to them. Georginio Wijnaldum at 25 million seems excessive for a player that got relegated with Newcastle last year. Would Wijnaldum get in to the City, United or Chelsea starting 11? It’s unlikely.

The players that Klopp inherited (and there were many, too many) are simply not good enough to mount a serious challenge for the title. Liverpool seem to have a a knack of signing mediocre players. Following Wenger’s lead of signing ‘young talent’ over ‘proven quality’, the only difference is typically about 20 million pounds. While Wenger will sign a French 17 year old for 2 million, Liverpool will spunk 20+ million a player like Markovic and then loan him out continuously


Supporters continue to live off past glories

Liverpool supporters have been deluding themselves since 1991. Every year brought new hope, dreams and expectations. “Who cares that Djibril Cissé is our striker? We will win the league!” Klopp won plaudits last year for taking Liverpool to a mediocre 8th place finish. Eight place in a season where all the major players were going through transitions and Leicester bloody won the league. 8th!

During the 90’s, when Alex Ferguson started to knock “Liverpool right off their f*cking perch”, fans consoled themselves with their ’18 championship titles’ making them the most successful side in the league’s history. Manchester United inevitably matched and then exceeded the target of 18, which gave Ferguson perhaps more joy than any other achievement during his career. Liverpool supporters were undaunted and simply slightly modified their smug speech to “the most successful British Europe“.

Some of the blame has to be placed on the Premier League itself, the self appointed “best league in the world”. The 24×7 coverage of games and constant transfer speculation in the summer has led to fans getting over excited about their team’s chances. Leicester’s triumph last year has only made things worse. Dreams now do come true.


Champions League spot will be beyond THEM

2015-2016 will go down in the history books as a ‘David vs. Goliath’ victory by Leicester. What will be overlooked is that it was the poorest season in the Premier League since Alex Fergsuon signed off with one last title.

Let’s take a look at the key contenders this year:

  1. Manchester United: Spent 100m+ on one player. Mourinho already has them looking like a proper team again
  2. Manchester City: Pep is used to winning leagues and the early signs look promising
  3. Chelsea: Conte will bring passion and tactical intelligence to the London side
  4. Arsenal: Wenger’s side always start slow. Then they sign a couple of players on deadline day and ultimately end up celebrating a 4th place finish
  5. Spurs: Have retained the side that competed so well last year plus added strength in a couple of positions.

Add Leicester, West Ham and Everton in to the mix. Liverpool do not look considerably stronger than last season. This year will be more demanding and the Reds are simply not good enough, but it won stop their fans from dreaming. It looks like Liverpool supporters face another year of self delusion.

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