AC and Inter Milan could be friends

Should Inter Milan and AC Milan merge to match the spending power of Hull?

Are Inter and AC Milan to merge? Whispers are coming from Italy (and China) that this may be the case. But why?

  • Teams living on the faded memories of yesteryear
  • No cash for big signings to match Juventus, let alone Premiership sides
  • No realistic hope of Champions League football
  • Both owned by Chinese organisations
  • They’re both stripey


AC MIlan
Remember this? Nope?

Who remembers when AC Milan bought Ajax the year after they won the Champions League? Kluivert, Davids, Reiziger, Seedorf.  Who remembers George Weah running wild down the pitch on Sunday afternoons and scoring insane goals? Ronaldo walking the ball into the net from practically his own box? Those were heady times, and we hope the good people of Milan enjoyed them very much, because they aren’t coming back any time soon.

Super agent Mino Raiola agrees, recently telling Gazzatta dello sport: “Milan and Inter must unite. They used to be the richest clubs in the world but they never became clubs who could develop further without [Milan owner Silvio] Berlusconi or [former Inter owner Massimo] Moratti”

Let’s face it, the only reason top players go near Milan now is to buy overpriced jocks and date runway models. So what can be done for a couple of teams who only a short time ago ad more swagger than Harry Styles in a room full of twelve year olds?

Image courtesy Vladimir Maiorov

A concrete and well worked youth system?
Hardly the time really and proper teams will only buy up any real talents

A long and arduous scouting system to bring in the next top players, develop them, then sell them off for insane money?
Nope, that would be Juventus you’re thinking of.

Complete organisational collapse as both sides spiral heedlessly through season after season of ever dwindling hopes of winning any kind of trophy ever?
Now you’ve got it. That’s the Inter and Milan we know.

So what can be done?
Inter and AC Milan to merge. Suck it up guys. Teams like Inter and AC Milan have never been about decades of rainy Monday nights in the Italian equivalent of Hull. They’re glory teams who have in the past literally done anything to win. So this is what they have to do.

Inter and AC Milan to merge and pick the best players and backroom staff from both sides. Pool their resources, own the San Siro 100% (so they can sell it off and move someplace less crazy.)  Here’s the side they could have if they joined up:


But should they do it? 

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