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What is the most hated club in England?

  • More success = more hate
  • ABU has become a way of life for many
  • Liverpool supporters live in 1991
  • Chelsea’s ‘thuggery’ does not them any favours
  • Man City – apathetic ‘plastic’ fans
  • Shout out to Leeds and Millwall!

More Success = More Hate

As the Notorious B.I.G once eloquently rapped “Mo money, Mo problems”. The big spending clubs in the Premier League typically receive the most hatred from other supporters. As a club’s trophy cabinet increases in size, the jealousy and anger of rival fans gets out of control. What is the most hated club in England?

What is the most hated club in England?

ABU has become a way of life for SOME

Manchester United have to be clear favourites . Alex Ferguson is nearly solely responsible for the extraordinary number of ABU’s (Anything But United) in the world. Over two decades of constant success – which including knocking Liverpool “off their f*cking perch – riled many fans. United supporters have a reputation for not exactly being humble in victory, which doesn’t help their cause.

What is the most hated club in England?

Liverpool supporters live in 1991

Twitter sometimes appears to be a savage war between Liverpool and United fans, where no real winner will ever be decided. In defence of Liverpool supporters, they have suffered through a long period of dominance by their arch rivals. This year looks to be no different. However, many fans despise Liverpool supporters for their sense of entitlement, and for living off past glories. Ian Rush and Kenny Daglish have retired, lads.

What is the most hated club in England?

Chelsea’s ‘thuggery’

John Terry, in between making racist remarks to other players, usually captains London’s finest, Chelsea. The supporters belonging to Stamford Bridge are not exactly loved the world over. Why, you ask?! Well, their fans stopping a passenger from entering a train in Paris because he was black, didn’t exactly improve their worldwide image. Chelsea are also accused of having ‘plastic fans’ that magically appeared in the early noughties, weirdly coinciding with the arrival of Oil baron extraordinaire, Roman Abramovich.

What is the most hated club in England?

Man City – apathetic ‘plastic’ fans

Speaking of oil cash, Man City are rolling in the black. Unfortunately they still can’t fill 50% of their stadium for Champions League matches. They’ve signed galacticos, superstars and the coolest manager in the world, yet the fans seemingly don’t care a hoot. Perhaps if City were to win the intergalatic championship on Pluto, a few fans may show up for their spaceship parade back in Manchester. Maybe.

What is the most hated club in England?

Shout out to Leeds and Millwall!

We’re not forgetting the lower leagues. Millwall! Back in the ass-kicking 80’s, Millwall fans were feared the country over. Their Ultra supporters would protect the Den like it was their own sacred home. They were terrible at football, but the fans could start a fight in an empty room. What about ‘Dirty Leeds’? Their recent troubles have perhaps eased the hatred against them, but back in the 1970’s, Don Revie’s team were despised.

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