Does Messi always take the easy option?
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Does Messi always take the easy option?

  • Stays at Barcelona to compete in a 3 team league
  • Never considered moving to a different country
  • Quits Argentina because they lose final
  • Ronaldo rarely takes the easy option

Stays at Barcelona until the end of time

One-club career players are typically admired. Paul Scholes, Matt Le Tissier and Mr. Totti have dedicated themselves to one club. It’s a seemingly selfless act in the capitalist world of football. Messi is on course to spend his entire career plying his trade at Camp Nou. Over a decade has past since the Argentinian first pulled on the famous Catalan jersey. While he is often admired for this loyalty, you have to ask, does Messi always take the easy option?

He’s playing in a 3 team league; Barca and the two Madrid clubs. Up until Simeone took over at Atletico, it was a two club league. Messi was able to rack up huge goal tallies against powerhouses such as Getafe and Levante. The only real challenge for him and his teammates every year were the Champions League fixtures and two games against Real.

Does Messi always take the easy option?
Messi – Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Another league was never considered

He never even considered a move to a different club. Perhaps it was the low tax rate he enjoyed in Spain?! Although the Premier League is criticised for encouraging ‘headless chicken football’, surely Messi could have done it on a ‘rainy Tuesday night in Stoke’? We’ll never know as he will never consider moving to England, Italy or Germany.

Quits Argentina as Ronaldo wins the Euros

Argentina lose in the Copa final against Chile. How does Messi respond? He retires at the age of 29. It isn’t so easy when you don’t have Iniesta and Rakitic to play you through. In the same summer that Messi was having a footballing breakdown, his arch-rival Ronaldo, was lifting the European Cup with Portugal. Comparisons between the two have become tiresome at this point. However, Ronaldo has proven himself at 3 different clubs, has had to deal with a basket case of a club like Real Madrid (revolving door for teammates) and inspired his weak national side to win a major championship.

Does Messi always take the easy option? Let us know what you think…


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