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Is Adebayor best suited to a weekly rolling contract?

  • Free Agent is available to be signed
  • Ex-Arsenal, Real and City striker needs a club
  • Weekly contract would see him banging goals in
  • That celebration and Tactic Tim’s salute

Free agent, mr. Abedayor

Now that the billion pound transfer window has been shut, the only sound is free agents driving aimlessly around London, and some Liverpool fans whimpering over their lack of options at left back. Adebayor was expected to sign for a Premiership or Championship club but the Togo international is still available as of today.

Ex-Arsenal AND REAL striker needs a club

Adebayor’s resume is both impressive and unbelievable. His former employers include Monaco, Arsenal, Man City, Real Madrid, Spurs and well, Crystal Palace. He’s still only 32 years old so has plenty to offer. Sunderland have just signed the free agent, Victor Anichebe – scorer of 6 goals in 55 games for WBA! Surely, Adebayor deserves another chance, but the key with this inconsistent striker is his contract.

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It’s a well known fact that Adebayor considerably raises his game when his current contract is coming to a close. We’ve seen it at Spurs and City, where he managed to secure huge deals based on his end of season form. Adebayor would then rock up to pre-season training with as much enthusiasm as Alan Hansen going for a header. A weekly rolling contract would see the best of Adebayor. Every week, he would be fighting for his career and would be destroying defences.

‘That’ celebration and Tactic Tim’s salute

The problem with Adebayor is that he’s seen as lazy. How could you call a man lazy when he manages to run the entire length of the pitch AFTER scoring a goal? He’s such an inspiration that Tim Sherwood and Chris Ramsay felt compelled to salute the striker after he scored a goal. Unfortunately, Sherwood is not exactly in employment right now so he can’t sign Adebayor. However, there should be a line of clubs waiting to sign him up, on a win-win style weekly rolling contract.

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