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Does Mourinho ‘park the bus’ against top opposition?

  • United manager may be getting his bus ready for City
  • Inter Milan won the Champions League in a bus
  • 1-0 is Mourinho’s favourite scoreline
  • Promising start but must continue in ‘the United way’

United manager may be getting his bus ready for City

3 wins from 3 games in the Premier League. 3 goals as well for their new signing, King Zlatan. Marcus Rashford sent Twitter in to meltdown with his silky skills and last minute goal. Players previously maligned by supporters of the Red Devils are not now incredibly being praised. Fellaini of all people. Fellaini!! However, wins against Hull, Bournemouth and Southampton were all expected. The attacking flair shown was promising, but as their derby game against City approaches, is Jose getting his bus ready?

Inter Milan won it in a bus

Inter Milan made Chelsea’s Champions League victory in 2012 look like ‘total football’. Mourinho realised that he couldn’t compete with sides like Barcelona when it came to skill and technique, but he could frustrate the hell out of them. Nasty tackles were also commonplace during his time with Inter and later with Madrid. Everybody on the bus knew their job and there was rarely a crash.

Does Mourinho 'park the bus' against top sides?

1-0 Glory

George Graham made the 1-0 scoreline infamous. “Boring, boring, Arsenal!” used to ring out in grounds as Tony Adams and Co. would shut down oppositions. Jose also loves 1-0 scorelines, especially in the Champions League, where conceding an away goal is the ultimate sin. Whenever a Jose Mourinho side comes up against another top club, the bus is often put in to neutral.

‘The United Way’

Moyes and De Gaal were criticised for losing of course, but many fans despaired more about the style of football. Mourinho has addressed this issue and 6 goals in 3 Premier League matches is a positive sign. Man City will bring huge threats to Old Trafford. Their midfield men like De Bruyne, Silva and Sterling have the ability to run riot against most teams. Even with Aguero missing, Jose will surely be tempted to make Bailly the bus driver and park that thing right across the goal at the Stretford End.

What do you think, does Mourinho park the bus against top clubs?

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