Is Pep Guardiola actually any good?
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Is Pep Guardiola actually any good?

AUTHOR: Kamil Rahman-Blake

Sure, 41 managerial honours in 9 years. Sure, managing the best clubs in world football. Sure, being regarded as the “best manager of all time”. But, is he really any good?

Being manager of the best clubs in the world does come with it’s expectations but it also comes with a wealth of resources. Pep’s first top flight managerial role being at the Catalan side, Barcelona, wasn’t a bad place to start and inheriting a side where Ronaldinho, Deco and Eto’o were surplus to requirements, shows just how good his first squad was.

Is Pep Guardiola actually any good?


That, and the numerous high-profile signings made (including Pique returning from Manchester United and the signing of once-top right back Dani Alves) almost put it on a plate for Guardiola who got the Treble in his first year in charge.

Nine years and a plethora of trophies later, Pep is regarded one of the best managers in the world. But having only managed the top clubs in Europe, in terms of players and transfer budget, I think it’s fair to assume that his time in management has been pretty plain sailing (for the most part).

The real question is, how would Pep cope at a big club with a smaller transfer budget, with fewer resources and more pressure on his shoulders? It would certainly be harder to achieve the same level of success at a smaller club or a club with less to offer. Managers that have learnt what it means to be a manager, the hard way, possibly have the mentality to be a better manager in tricky circumstances.

Let’s not forget the “collapse” that Bayern Munich went through in the second half of last season (if by collapse, you mean a league title and a Champions League semi-final). However, having not won the Champions League in his time in Munich, I think it’s fair to say that his last job was a disappointment. Don’t you?

So let us know what your opinions are about whether Pep Guardiola is Outstanding, or a little overrated?

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