Balotelli vs. Bendtner
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Balotelli vs. Bendtner: Battle of the Bottlers

Balotelli and Bendtner have been burning bridges faster than they’ve been missing out on Baloon D’Or nominations. Mario “why me?” Balotelli has managed to frustrate managers/fans/teammates at:

  • Liverpool – they sold him for free, writing off 16M
  • AC Milan – took him back on loan. Turned out to be a disaster
  • Man City – Mancini was very patient, but it didn’t work out
  • Inter – Mourinho said he was nearly “unmanageable”
  • Italy – Conte deemed him surplus to requirements

While Balotelli is now sunning himself in Nice, Bendtner is back in England, making a living in Nottingham. His rap sheet is not much better:

  • Wolfsburg: Released 9 months in to a two year contract
  • Juventus: Loan deal resulted in him scoring very few goals.
  • Arsenal: Called himself a world beater, but couldn’t perform on the pitch
  • Norway: Hit and miss. Decided to celebrate a goal in his underpants

So many wasted opportunities but who do you feel is the worst culprit?


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