What if Mourinho had taken over United in 2013?
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Does Mourinho need to simply swap Pogba and Rooney’s positions?


Something is seriously wrong at Old Trafford. What happened to the “Happy One”? Mourinho already looks like Michael Douglas in Falling Down.  Much of the blame is being heaped on poor Paul Pogba. The 89 million pound man is struggling. Is Mourinho not helping his cause by playing him in a defensive midfield role? Not to mention, his partner in defensive midfield is no other than…


We all thought that the “elbower from Belgium” would be shown the door by Jose during the summer. It comes as a great surprise that not only has he survived, Fellaini now commands a starting position in the United side. Poor Bastian! David Moyes used to pump the long balls on to his very hairy head when they were inevitably losing with 5 minutes to go. Jose has already started to replicate that tactic. Podga needs to roam free. He has pace, can create chances but is currently unable to play with any freedom.

4 strikers in the line up

Mourinho played Rashford, Zlatan, Rooney and Martial in the starting line up against Watford. Only Aston Villa are currently this crazy in their approach. However, Jose is defensive minded. The contradiction! Therefore, only Zlatan plays as an out and out striker, with Martial and Rashford playing as glorified wingers. Rooney then occupies the well-mocked number 10 position. Even though, the 3 attackers have been given instructions to defend, they’re still going to favour going forward.


He’s getting on. Rooney is undoubtedly a fantastic player, but can he really change games anymore? His acceleration and pace have noticeably decreased. When Mourinho joined United in the summer, he said “To be there and put the ball in the net is the most difficult thing. For me he will be a 9, a 10, a nine-and-a-half but never a 6 or even an 8″. Talk about pinning yourself in a corner.

THE SOLUTION? Jose needs to adapt

Mourinho needs to admit his mistake. There may not be a need to drop Rooney altogether, but why not switch his role with Pogba’s? As Zlatan once complained about being a ‘Ferrari” but being used like a “Fiat” at Barca by Pep, Jose is limiting Podga by playing him so deep. Dropping Rooney beside Fellaini or someone like Schneiderlein wouldn’t negatively impact the team. Rooney can tackle well, has good positioning and he could utilise his range of passing. It would then mean that Podga could push forward, so we would start to see why United broke the world transfer record to sign him.

What do you think? Should Mourinho change their roles?



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