Kane v Costa

Costa v Kane: Who’s the better striker?

Costa v Kane. Two strikers that are guaranteed to be at the top of the scoring charts come the end of the season. Diego Costa and Harry Kane are critical to their team’s successes. Sorry, Batshuayi and Janssen. There is no room at the Lane or Bridge for you. Chelsea and Spurs sit first and second respectively in the league, which is no surprise when their front men are in such fine form. Costa and Kane are likely to finish the season with 20+ goals each, even if the latter is currently injured. They’re clearly two of the best strikers in the league but who is better?

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The case for costa

Diego Costa is a quite simply a beast. His sheer presence on the pitch puts the fear of God in to defenders. A born winner, Costa will fight for every ball. Opposition fans despise him, but if Costa turned out for their team, those same critical fans would breath a sigh of relief. 17 goals in 26 Premier League matches this season shows there are few better at finding the net.

When the chips are down and Chelsea need a player to step up, Costa can always be relied on. On the other hand, Harry Kane has a tendency to go missing during important matches; look no further than Spurs’ comical collapse last season. Diego Costa is also a better team player. 5 assists already this season and 6 during the last campaign. Compare that to Kane’s grand total of 1 assist in 38 Premier League matches during the 2015/2016 season.

Costa also has the experience of winning titles. Unless the Premier League goes on strike, he’ll collect another medal in May. Kane is now injured and will probably return to assist in the preparations for “St Totteringham’s Day”. Costa is a big game player who refuses to ever give up. That’s the sort of player you want leading your line during crucial matches.

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the case for kane

England’s first natural born goalscorer since Alan Shearer. Kane is scoring a goal every 100 minutes this season. Costa is a full thirty minutes slower per goal. Let’s be very honest here; while Spurs are a decent side, they’re over achieving. Harry Kane is a huge reason why they are second in the table. His 25 Premier League strikes last season even brought them to the brink of the title. In just 22 league appearances this season, Kane has delivered 19 goals and 4 assists.

While Kane brings consistency, Costa brings arrogance and petulance. During last year’s gloriously inept campaign by Chelsea, Costa was one of the most apathetic players in blue. 12 goals all season shows why he’s overrated. Meanwhile, Kane is loyal. He loves Spurs and has pledged his long-term future to them. Costa will probably be sending another “S.O.S” to China in the summer.

Harry Kane scores more goals, brings his teammates in to the game more effectively and is not keen and throwing elbows around either. He’s clearly the more complete striker.

What do you think? Who is the better striker between the two Premier League stars? Vote now.. 

Diego Costa vs. Harry Kane: Who's the better striker?


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