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This is why Neymar is facing 2 years in jail

You might have read about Neymar facing a court hearing and possible 2 year jail sentence. But what is it all about and could the Brazil star really wind up in jail?

FC Barcelona, Santos, Neymar and his parents will all have to stand trial on fraud and corruption charges according to Spanish magistrates. The current and former Barcelona presidents will stand trial too. The offences date back to 2013 And Neymar’s transfer from Santos to Barcelona.


DIS, an investment group in Brazil, say they received less than the 41% of the fee they were due.

Because Neymar’s €40 million transfer fee was transferred to his wages in a financial move, the actual fee paid to Santos was far less, some €17 million. DIS are angered at only receiving 41% of that fee instead of the €40 million.

Serious charges for Neymar.

Prosecutors are demanding a 2 year prison sentence for Neymar. As it’s a first offence, this seems unlikely, but not completely outside the realm of possibility.

Prosecutors are also demanding €10 million in fines for Neymar and his family and all appeals have already been rejected by the court.

Bail has been set for the Barcelona star at €3.4 million and proceedings opened last Thursday.

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Moving abroad an option for Neymar?

It remains to be seen if this experience will push Neymar toward the many foreign suitors he has. Such as Manchester United. Earlier this year Lionel Messi was given a 21 month prison sentence for tax fraud. Mascherano was handed a year in jail for the same. Neither seem likely to spend any time in prison but Neymar’s case is a little different. Some are suggesting a jail term isn’t out of the realms of possibility.

So do you think, after Messi and Mascherano, and the cases against the club presidents, that the club is the victim of a conspiracy? Is Barcelona being persecuted or are the charges legitimate?

Is Barcelona being victimised?

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