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Neymar V Griezmann: Who should Mourinho target this summer?

United have been solid this season. Unbeaten in the league for 25 games, Mourinho has transformed them defensively. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for their cutting edge. Zlatan dragged them through the first half of the season. His goals kept them in the Top 4 hunt. Marital and Rashford have contributed but have found goals hard to come by. Mourinho’s number one focus this summer will be to sign an attacking player capable of scoring goals and creating chances. Two names keep popping up in the rumour mill. We’re asking two fans today: ‘Neymar V Griezmann: Who should Mourinho target this summer?’

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Neymar v Griezmann: Mourinho should sign Neymar

‘Jay B.’ writes

Barcelona are a club in transition. Enrique is leaving while stalwarts like Iniesta are close to retirement. United is still the biggest club in the world. Champions League football should be secured via the Europa League. We will then become an attractive proposition to top players. The 150 million price tag won’t put United off. Mourinho showed that with the purchase of Pogba last year.

Neymar is world class. In order to get a game at Camp Nou, you have to be a special player. When your two attacking teammates are Messi and Suarez, it’s clear you’re at the very top. Neymar has matured from a brilliant young talent in to an all-round genius. Messi will typically steal the headlines but Neymar’s brilliance on and off the ball is clear to all fans of Barcelona.

Mourinho is likely to take the same approach as last summer; quality over quantity. We’re not Liverpool, after all. Neymar would bring another dimension to our final third, and help make us title contenders again.

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Neymar v Griezmann: Mourinho should sign Griezmann

‘Simon B.’ writes

Let’s clear up one thing first: United probably don’t have a chance of signing Neymar. On the other hand, the signs are promising for acquiring Griezmann. If Simeone departs Atletico in the summer, their star player would surely follow. Martial and Rashford have done a decent job this season coming in off the wings. However, they are not lethal finishers and sometimes struggle to create opportunities for others.

Griezmann will not have that problem. The French superstar has shown on the biggest stages that he can perform. Leicester simply couldn’t deal with his pace, creativity and strength. You could play Griezmann in an attacking wing position or simply behind the striker, where he would cause havoc.

Mourinho has to address the lack of goals in the team. Too many points have been dropped this season due to draws. Gone are the days when United would inevitably find a breakthrough in the last few minutes of the match. It’s time to bring a superstar in to the fold, especially with Zlatan out. It’s time to sign Antonio Griezmann.

What do you think? Should Mourinho focus on signing the Brazilian wizard or the French genius? Let  us know by voting in the poll below. 

Neymar V Griezmann: Who should Mourinho target this summer?

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