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Rooney to China: Should the United legend make the move?

Wayne Rooney’s departure from Old Trafford looks closer than ever. Limited game time has meant the United legend is now considering his options. Jose Mourinho is a big admirer of Rooney but has repeatedly selected others ahead of him. China is his most likely destination according to reports. Today we’re asking two fans: ‘Rooney to China: Should the United legend make the move?’

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Rooney to China: It’s a good deal for both parties

By ‘Pete H’

Wayne Rooney has given so much to United. All of his detractors need to stop the complaining. Signed at the age of 19, he has contributed to so much of our success for more than a decade. Rooney will turn 32 later this year. Time does fly. It’s clear that he is now in decline and it was inevitable. He scored that wonder goal against Arsenal at the age of 16. Hundreds of performances later, it’s time for the next chapter of his career.


China ticks a lot of boxes for Rooney. There are less games every season. He will be worshiped as a football god over there. The money will be astronomical. The quality is lower, giving Rooney the opportunity to impress. On the flip side, it’s clear that the Chinese League is becoming stronger. A surge in high profile signings like Ramires, Pelle, Hulk and Jackson Martinez appears to be the tip of the iceberg.

It would also assist United. The pressure on Mourinho to give him game time would be removed. We would avoid the drawn out soppy exit (see:John Terry/Steven Gerrard). Furthermore, it’s quite likely that we’ll receive a substantial transfer fee for a player past his peak.

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This summer transfer window is incredibly important. Mourinho has to get it right. Zlatan is out injured for a long period, and may even depart. Other players that simply aren’t god enough will be swiftly moved on. While strengthening is needed badly in midfield and in particular, up front. Rooney may find his game time even more limited next year.

Let’s remember the good times and not watch Rooney’s legacy be tarnished. It was always clear that he wouldn’t be a professional playing at his peak until his mid-thirties. His explosive pace has disappeared and Rooney often cuts a frustrated figure as the game passes by. The less said about his recent goal scoring record, the better.


We have suffered over the past few years. Moyes and Van Gaal were found wanting. Fans often found themselves reminiscing over the years of incredible success under Sir Alex. Let’s be brutally honest; those days are gone. We need to face up a new era, where legends like Rooney need to be let go and replaced by younger stars ready for a new era.

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Rooney to China: We still need his presence

By ‘Ron F.’

182 goals in 390 league games. Five Premier League titles. One FA Cup. Three League Cups. One Champions League. Wayne Rooney is a winner. Jose Mourinho is attempting to rebuild the club after years of mismanagement. He needs experienced players to help with this project. Rooney supports the manager and can be a senior player in the dressing room.


No offence to Chinese football, but Wayne Rooney is too good for that league. It wouldn’t be a sensible move. Perhaps in two or three years, when he’s on his last legs. Moving his young family to Asia is probably not on his wish list, even if the money offered is astronomical. Rooney’s pride would also not allow him to take a trip to China.

United would also suffer if Rooney departed. He’s still managed 34 appearances this season, albeit around half of those came from the bench. Seven goals is not a bad return for a player that now occupies centre midfield. He’s also managed 8 assists in those games, which means he’s not far off getting a goal or assist every other game.

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Shoving Rooney out the door this summer just doesn’t seem right. No confirmation of his departure has been announced and there appears to be a stand-off between him and the club. Rooney has recently said that he would like to play more:

“Would I like to stay? I’ve been at this club 13 years, but I want to play football. Here? Of course. I think football changes. You have different challenges in your career. This season I haven’t played as much as I would have liked to. I’ve tried to help the team on the pitch and off the pitch. I haven’t thrown my toys out of the pram but I’m a football player and I want to play football. The more I play, the better, and the more I feel I can help the team”


Where have we suffered most this season? In the final third. Defensively, Mourinho has cleaned things up in one season. It’s taking more time to improve our attack. Martial has been very disappointing. Rashford is still maturing and needs time. Zlatan brought us through a lean spell,  but is out injured and may not return.

Should Mourinho have given Rooney more game time? At 31, he still has a lot to give but clearly needs to be in the starting line up every week. Zlatan played nearly every minute and he’s 35. There will be considerable change this summer. Mourinho needs to realize that, while you can sign every promising player in the world, it must be matched with experience and a winning mentality. Rooney should stay.

What do you think? Is it time for Rooney to depart Old Trafford for the Chinese Super League? Let us know by voting below:

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