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Donald Trump football facts: They’re tremendous

By Bill Peters

The U.S President is currently a very busy man. Whether it’s dealing with the pesky media, hosting his Russian friends or simply getting in a round of golf, the Donald probably doesn’t have very much time to watch a game of football. To clarify to any American readers, we’re talking about ‘soccer’ here (the true version of football!) The most unlikely President of all time has a weird history with the beautiful game. Donald Trump football facts: they’re huuuuge!

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The League Cup: Donald did a bloody draw

It was 1992. The League Cup fifth draw was due to be held on ITV. Which former pro would they get to pull out the balls?  jimmy Greaves was pulling the home teams and none other than Donald Trump was pulling out the away teams. To make matters weirder, the draw was being conducted in Trump Tower.

“Oh Donald, you don’t know what you’ve done!” Greavsie shrieked, when Trump pulled out the ball for Manchester United which meant that they would face their arch rivals, Leeds United. They talked about Trump’s soccer playing days in high school and the upcoming World Cup in the States. Greavsie then presented a clearly bemused Trump with a ‘Saints and Greavsie’ mug. The strangest thing is that the President actually seemed to the most normal person during the draw.

Donald Trump football facts: He nearly bought Rangers

When not building gold clubs in Scotland that damage the local environment and piss off locals, Trump allegedly was interested in buying Glasgow Rangers. During their financial crisis, Trump investigated the possibility of making a bid for the troubled Gers. He is a master of bankruptcy, after all. Ultimately he backed away from the troubled Glasgow club, which would head off in to the abyss, regardless.

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A Trump love for Arsenal

Okay, so this relates to Baron Trump, the son of the Donald. The youngster is apparently an avid supporter of the Gunners. Nobody is quite sure why he chose to follow Arsene Wenger’s club but Barron has been seen kicking a ball around at the White House in an Arsenal shirt.

Donald Trump and the World Cup

The President has declared his support for a 2026 World Cup that would be jointly hosted by the U.S, Canada and Mexico. It’s not quite clear how the building of a wall across the US border with Mexico will impact preparations. There is also concern over the Donald’s insistence on imposing various travel bans. He would be hoping Iran, Syria etc. do not qualify.

Buying a club in the future

Impeachment. The word won’t go away. A special investigator has been appointed to explore the President’s myriad of links to Russia. It’s not his only concern. Every day another crisis seems to engulf the White House. It’s likely that Donald Trump could be free from politics sooner than expected. At that stage, he would likely return to the ‘art of the deal’. In the future, would you mind if the Donald took over your club? Would it be tremendous? Let us know by voting below:

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Photo by Gage Skidmore

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Main Image: Getty/Jan Kruger

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