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VOTE NOW: Ander Herrera V Kante. Who’s better?

N’Golo kante has won back to back Premier League titles. He’s been arguably the key player for both Claudio Ranieri and Antonion Conte’s successes. He’s just won PFA player of the year and is a staple of the French national side. He can almost do no wrong. But recently some stats emerged about Manchester United’s midfield engine, Ander Herrera that might even have the Spaniard compare favourably with Kante. So who’s better: Ander Herrera v Kante.

We’ve focused on Premier League career stats rather than just kante vs herrera stats 2016/17. It’s a pure herrera vs kante head to head using herrera vs kante statistics only to get the most accurate result.

Ander Herrera v Kante: The case for Ander Herrera

Ander herrera v kante

Ander Herrera has played 84 games for Manchester United since joining. He’s scored 10 goals, completed 12 assists and has made himself indispensable alongside Paul Pogba in midfield. Ander herrera stats this season have been fantastic, but overall, he’s really developed into something special.

Herrera’s taken 99 shots with 19 on target (making a general 19% accuracy rate). He’s made 4,740 passes, making 56 passes per match on average. The Spaniard has created 12 clear chances and made 101 crosses with 33% accuracy. He’s passed 33 successful through-balls and made 238 long balls.

Herrera’s made 105 fouls but overall an impressive 213 tackles with a 71% success rate. Blocked 39 shots. Intercepted 156 balls and made 90 clearances (27 with his head). He’s made a staggering 457 recoveries, and won an amazing 439 duels. 75 successful 50/50s and 46 aerial battles he’s won.

He won man of the match in the 2017 Europa League Final and got on the team of the season for the 2017 Europa League Competition.

Ander Herrera has gradually established himself under Jose Mourinho as a first choice over Fellaini and continues to grow as a player and an influence on the pitch for both Manchester United and Spain. With the extra element of Champions League competition next season, there’s no doubt the combative young midfielder will come on in leaps and bounds. But is he better than N’Golo Kante?

Ander Herrera v Kante. The case for N’Golo Kante

Ander herrera v kante
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There are few players in the game more well spoken of than N’Golo Kante these days. It seems a week can’t pass without him winning another trophy or personal award. And playing alongside Eden Hazard, he’s created a staggeringly effective Chelsea midfield. In about 2 seasons he’s joined the ranks of the global superstars of the game. But how do his stats compare with Ander Herrera? This is where the ander herrera vs kante stats get interesting.

Kante has played 72 games and scored 2 goals. He’s taken 48 shots with 12 on target (an accuracy rate of 12%). He’s claimed 5 assists and made 3,571 passes. That’s 49 passes per match. Kante’s created 6 big chances and made 27 crosses with a 22% accuracy rate. Plus, he’s completed 15 through balls with 199 accurate long ball passes.

He’s made 96 fouls. The Chelsea man has completed 302 tackles with a 71% tackling success rate. He’s blocked 13 shots and intercepted 238 balls. Made 98 clearances and 41 with his head. And an incredible 601 recoveries and 474 duels won. He’s won 83 successful 50/50 balls and 57 aerial battles. He’s made 0 errors leading to a goal.

So who’s the more effective midfielder? Ander Herrera v Kante.


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