Virgil Van Dijk V John Stones
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VOTE NOW: Virgil Van Dijk v John Stones. Who’s better?

John Stones became the world’s second most expensive defender (behind David Luiz) when he signed for Manchester City in 2016 for £47.5 million. With 17 Englad caps to his name, Stones had become a regular at the heart of the Manchester City back line and counts coach Pep Guardiola as foremost among his fans. Virgil Van Dijk is the powerful centre back at time of writing plying his trade for Southampton but almost certain to make a huge money leap to a major club over the summer. A sterling career at Celtic previously, and a staple of the Dutch national side, Van Dijk could very well become the most expensive defender on earth if he moves. But who;s better, Virgil Van Dijk V John Stones. 

Virgil Van Dijk v John Stones. Van Dijk is better

Virgil Van Dijk v John Stones
Image: Sky Sports

At 6ft 4 ” he’s a player often compared to fellow Dutchman and former Manchester United hero, Jaap Stam, and it was playing for Celtic in the Champions League back in the 2013/14 season that Van Dijk distinguished himself against players like Messi and Iniesta when his side met Barcelona. He’s very comfortable roaming forward and never shy to hurl himself into a challenge for the ball. The Virgil van Dijk Southampton career has been even more impressive. Although a much publicised Van Dijk injury kept him out for a lot of the end of the season.

In 55 Premier League appearances he’s scored 4 goals and kept 17 clean sheets. He’s made 98 tackles with a tackle success rate of 76%. 1 of these was a last man tackle. He’s blocked 9 shots and made 150 interceptions. The Dutchman has completed 402 clearances, 237 with his head, 1 of them off the line. Van Dijk has made 272 recoveries, winning 408 duels and 24 successful 50/50 balls.

He’s won 261 aerial battles and made no errors that lead to a goal. Virgil hasn’t made any assists but has completed 2,368 passes, some 43 per match. His cross accuracy is 50% and he’s played 216 accurate long balls.

He’s been sent off once, committed 46 fouls and received 5 yellow cards.

At the moment, a Virgil van Dijk Liverpool transfer seems possible, even likely but only time will tell. With Virgil van Dijk salary seems to be the main sticking point.


Virgil Van Dijk v John Stones. Stones is better

Virgil Van Dijk v John Stones
Image: Sky Sports

John Stones’ move from Everton to Manchester City for £47.5 million made him the most expensive defender in the world (untile David Luiz moved back to Chelsea). It was smart move from Everton’s perspective, having only paid £3 million for the player to Barnsley in 2012. A gifted centre half, there’s been some questioning over whether the outlay of that huge amount has been merited by the player since. At 23 years of age, it seems he still has a way to develop before being considerd alongside Hummels and Bonucci as among the foremost centrebacks in the game. But how does he compare with the Dutchman?

Stones has made 104 appearances in the Premier League, scoring once. He’s kept 25 clean sheets and condeded 118 goals. The Manchester City defender has made 131 tackles with a tackle success rate of 77%. 4 of those have been last man tackles. He’s blocked 5 shots and made an impressive 149 interceptions.

The England defender has made 467 clearances, including 259 with his head and 3 of those off the line. He’s completed 462 recoveries and won 453 duels with other players. 81 successful 50/50s. Stones has won 193 aerial battles and made 7 errors leading to a goal.

He hasn’t made any assists, but has completed 4,843 passes. That’s 46,57 per match. He’s created 5 big chances in his Premier League career and 15 crosses with a 27% accuracy. Stones has played 2 through balls and 367 accurate long balls.

He’s never been sent off but has received 6 yellow cards and committed 28 fouls, being caught offside once.





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