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Who are the most loyal Champions League fans?

Which Champions League fans travel farthest and most often for their teams? Does it make them the most loyal or merely represent their heartfelt belief that maybe this is their year?

Travel company Globalluggage did a little research and came up with some interesting stats. Their chart displays the miles fans travelled in a round-trip by Champions League teams for individual matches. It also displays the total miles travelled. To be honest, we found this pretty interesting. Take a look:


Benfica fans take the gold medal. They travelled some 13,082 miles, thanks in no small way to the trip to Dynamo Kiev’s stadium some 4,000 miles away.  Atletico Madrid come in a close second with 11,678 miles travelled. Plus they had a little longer in the competition to make up the miles.

Real Madrid fans obviously made it all the way to the end, as did the Juventus faithful, so they had a very good reason to appear in the top 7. Kudos to CSKA Moskow fans for packing their cases as much as they did.

Premier League fans don’t seem to have cracked the top 7 as shown here. Leicester City fans travelled about 7,000 miles. Tottenham Hotspur Champions League fans made up some 5016 miles, including 22 hours of flying, which is pretty dedicated. benfica fans look set to lose a few star players in the summer months so who knows if their fanbase will be as loyal in the face of a potentially less successfuil campaign next season. We like to think the Portuguese fans will show up no matter what.

Champions League fans

With sides like Manchester United and Chelsea back in the competition next season, who can boast fans from literally all over the world, perhaps the top 7 table will look a little different. But in the meantime, you have to hand it to Benfica Chanmpions League fans, they really put in the hours and miles!

So how far would you travel for your team?

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