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VOTE NOW: Koscielny V Alderweireld. Who’s better?

This season, Toby Alderweireld became a key member of the Tottenham push for greatness, Alongside Jan Vertonghen in the centre of defence, Alderweield built one of the meanest defences in the league and is already been mentioned among the best defenders in the game. Koscielny’s become just as key for Arsenal. Following a disappointing season for the gunners, many are linking him with moves to Spanish giants or even farther afield. Wenger will be desperate to keep the Frenchman, however and try and build a more solid defensive unit around him. The question stands in North London: who’s better. Koscielny V Alderweireld.

Koscielny V Alderweireld
Image: The Independent

1. Koscielny V Alderweireld: Defence

Toby Alderweireld has played 94 games in the Premier League. In that time, he’s kept 34 clean sheets and conceded 74 goals. He’s made 130 tackles with a tackle success rate of 78% . 1 of those have been last man tackles. He’s blocked 19 shots and made 123 interceptions.

Laurent Koscielny has played 213 games in the Premier League. He’s kept 77 clean sheets, conceded 206 goals. He’s made 370 tackles with a tackle success rate of 74%. 22 of those have been last man tackles. He’s blocked 13 shots and made a whopping 613 interceptions.

Koscielny has completed 1,280 clearances, 569 with his head, 1 of them off the line. Alderweireld has made 588 clearances, 270 with his head and 2 off the line. He’s made 416 recoveries and won 302 duels. The Belgian has claimed victory in 18 50/50 balls and won 138 aerial battles. He’s made 1 error leading to a goal.

The French defender, in the meantime, has made 1,271 recoveries, winning 1,117 duels and 46 successful 50/50 balls. He;s won 559 aerial battles but he’s scored 2 own goals and made 2 errors leading to a goal.

Kosielny V Alderweireld
Image: Evening Standard

2. Koscielny V Alderweireld: Team Play

Alderweireld has scored 6 goals and claimed 2 assists. he’s made 4,706 passes, about 50 per match. The Belgian has completed 35 crosses with an accuracy of 23%, 3 through balls and 585 accurate long balls.

Koscielny has scored an impressive 17 goals, also with 2 assists, made 9,382 passes, about 44 per match. He’s made 30 crosses with an accuracy of 20%, played 7 through bals and 516 accurate long balls. He’s collected 27 yellow cards, 5 red cards and committed 178 fouls. Alderwiereld has only gotten 7 yellow cards and 30 fouls.


3. Koscielny V Alderweireld: Summary

Koscielny’s stats look good, but the Frenchman has played more than twice the amount of matches than his Belgian rival. Alderweireld has played in a better team than Koscielny for most of his Premier League career, at least in terms of League finishes, and plays as part of a more solid defensive unit, arguably than Koscielny does at Arsenal.

So who do you think is better?


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