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VOTE NOW: Mata V Ozil. Who’s better?

Both of these champions have been around the block, both for huge teams before even where they play now. Mata played at Chelsea and Valencia and Ozil at Werder Bremen and Real Madrid. Both play for hugely successful national teams too. Two staggering talents playing a huge Premier League clubs. But who’s better? Mata V Ozil, who’s better? As ever, in the interests of fairness, we’ll look at last season.

Mata V Ozil
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Mata V Ozil: Attack

Juan Mata played 25 games for Manchester United last season. He scored 6 goals, which makes 0.24 per match. None of these were penalties or free kicks. He took 40 shots, 21 of which were on target, which makes for an impressive 53% shot accuracy. He hit the woodwork once and missed 5 chances.

Ozil scored 8 times in 33 appearances which makes for exactly 0.24 goals per match too. Also, neither were from penalties or free kicks. He took 40 shots and 18 of these were on target, making for a slightly lower 45% shooting accuracy. he didn’t hit the woodwork but did miss 4 big chances.

Mata V Ozil
Image: Evening Standard


Mata V Ozil: General Team Play

In his 33 games, Ozil got 9 assists. He made 2,110 passes, making for 63.94 per match. He created 9 clear cut chances for his team mates. In 24 games, Mata made 3 assists, 990 passes, making for 39.60 per match. he created 4 clear cut chances for team mates.

Mata crossed the ball 93 times with an accuracy rate of 28%. He played 6 through balls and just 44 accurate long balls. In 8 more games Ozil made 187 crosses, almost double, with an accuracy rate of 32%. He played 16 through balls and 56 accurate long balls.

Mata V Ozil
Image: Daily Star


Mata V Ozil: Defence

Neither player is a staggering defensive talent but tracking back and contributing often makes the difference between a champion and an also-ran. So how do our stars compare?

Mata made 22 tackles last season, 77% of which were successful. He blocked 8 shots and made 12 interceptions. Ozil, to compare, made 26 tackles, also with a 77% success rate. He blocked 10 shots and made 15 interceptions. Ozil also made 9 clearances, 3 with his head. He recovered an impressive 161 balls. The German won 98 duels, 7 aerial battles and 32 successful 50/50 balls. The Manchester United man completed 8 clearances, none with his head. He recovered 94 balls and won 57 duels. He bossed 15 successfil 50/50 balls and won 4 aerial battles. Neither player made any errors leading to a goal.

So there you have it. Two of the most gifted attacking midfielders in the Premier League. Incredibly closely matched. But the question remains: Mata V Ozil; Who’s better?


Feature images:The Sports  & Sky Sports

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