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Gerrard V Rooney: Who is the greatest Red?

Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney dedicated the majority of their careers to playing in red. Both are certified heroes of their clubs and legends of the game. Their impact on the fortunes of Liverpool and Man United cannot be understated. Now that both players have left their beloved clubs, it feels only right to ask the question: Gerrard V Rooney: Who is the greatest Red? 

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Gerrard V Rooney: The stats

Steven Gerrard played 710 times for Liverpool across all competitions. In the Premier League, LFC’s famous number 8 scored 120 times in 504 games. Creating chances for chances for his teammates was a key part of Gerrard’s game and it’s no surprise that he managed 92 assists in the league, as well. The Liverpool legend also scored 66 goals in 206 domestic and European cup competitions.

Wayne Rooney’s 183 goals in 383 games for Man United illustrates how prolific the England striker has been at Old Trafford. Add in another 70 goals in 166 cup games and you begin to realise how much of a goal scoring impact Rooney had during his 13 seasons at the club. 95 assists in the Premier League for Man United shows how much of an all-rounder Rooney was when playing in red.

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Gerrard V Rooney: The trophies

Gerrard’s masterclass in the Champions League miracle in Istanbul secured his place in Liverpool’s history at a very young age. The boyhood scouser would turn down Mourinho’s advances during the summer after that famous triumph. It’s clear that Gerrard would have won more titles at Stamford Bridge, but in the end, winning trophies with Liverpool counted for so much more. 2 FA Cups, 3 League Cups, and one UEFA Cup were the remaining major titles.

Rooney told Everton supporters that he was moving to United solely to win trophies. He delivered on that promise with aplomb. 5 Premier League medals, 1 FA Cup, 3 League Cups, and 1 Champions League. Add in 1 Europa League medal for good measure. In 2008, Rooney even lifted the FIFA Club World Cup.

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Gerrard V Rooney: The awards

In Gerrard’s defence, he had to play alongside mostly average players with the occasional superstar like Alonso thrown in. Liverpool did not have the fire power of United when it came to the transfer market. Nevertheless, Gerrard’s individual awards shows how highly he was rated. He won the UEFA Club Footballer of the Year, the FWA Footballer of the Year and also the PFA’s Player’s Player of the Year. Gerrard also managed to get in the Premier League team of the year an incredible 8 times.

In Rooney’s first year at United, he won the PFA Young Player of the Year award. He also won the PFA’s Player’s Player of the Year in the 2009/2010 season. That same season, Rooney received the Premier League Player of the season award. The United legend also managed to secure a place in the Premier League team of the year three times.

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Gerrard V Rooney: Who is greatest red?

Both players served their clubs with distinction. Gerrard and Rooney will be talked about for decades to come. But who served their club with greater distinction. Vote below on who you feel is the greatest red, Gerrard or Rooney.

Who is the greatest Red?

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