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Champions League Final. Man Utd v Liverpool. Who’s your forward?

Man Utd V Liverpool. Champions League Final. Would there be any greater match? Better, more passionate sets of fans? We don’t think so. Will it happen next season? Stranger things have happened. But, hypothetically, if you were to pick a forward from either team’s history… who would it be?


Man Utd V Liverpool: Champions League Final: Suarez is better


First off, just let me say. We have pedigree here. Liverpool in Europe is something different and everyone knows it. Trophies and finals and big nights. 5 times.  It’s on a level other Premier League teams can only dream of. History matters. It’s what separates us from the animals. Like Chelsea.

Man Utd V Liverpool
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We have too many forwards to choose from here and almost too rich a history to choose from but I’m going on recent history. We have great forwards right now, Sadio Mane, Salah, but I’m going for Luis Suarez. In many ways, he’s the complete forward. Incredibly hard working, passionate to a fault (OK to an actual fault – as his dentist will confirm) but name me a better number 9 in the game since the real Ronaldo gave it all up for the buffet table.

What’s strong about Suarez is that, while he’s in a dream team now and scoring to show it (121 goals in 147 games, far outstripping Neymar) he performed amazingly well in less than great sides.

At Ajax he bagged 111 goals in 159 games. Before that, at Groningen he got 15 in 37 aged just 20. He’s the all time Uruguay top scorer, won the European Golden show for the 2013-14 and 2015-16 seasons. He was La Liga player of the year 2015-16m bagged the Premier league golden boot before that. Copa America player of the tournament. Barcelona Player of the season (above Messi) 2015-16. the list of his accolades goes on and on.

But it’s not about stats, it’s about the fire in the guy. The kind of fire you need in a Man Utd V Liverpool final:

He is a different style of player for us. We have Andres Iniesta and Xavi and they are sweet players and you can enjoy watching them on the ball, it’s easy on the eye. Not with Suarez. He fights and scraps for the ball and finally gets the goal. – Gerard Piqué


Ronaldo is a shaper. He’s got amazing stats against lesser teams but almost never steps up against real quality.

Suarez will burn for every ball. He’ll drag the game back when it seems lost. He’ll kill himself for his team mates and when the opportunity arises, at the top level, he’ll take it. He scores in finals. The Copa Del Rey against Atletico Madrid. The Champions League against Juventus in 2015. He plays the big games that many buckle in. Man Utd V Liverpool would be decided by the Uruguayan.


Man Utd V Liverpool: Champions League Final: Ronaldo is better

By John Boyne

I’m able to keep this post to recent history although George Best fans may correctly wonder why. United won two Champions League trophies under Sir Alex Ferguson. Liverpool did (luckily) pick up a medal when beating Milan, but considering they won next to nothing since the 1980’s, you wouldn’t think it would be something to celebrate. While we were picking up trophies like coupons on the back of a Cornflakes box, Liverpool fans just banged on about the “miracle”. You can’t win anything if you’re living in the past.

United has always been one of the best attacking clubs in the world. Playing the “United Way” means taking risks and not being afraid to go on the front foot. We also never give up. Look no further than the 1999 Champions league Final, when an actual miracle occurred. Cole, Yorke, Sheringham and Solskjaer. However, my choice must come from the 2008 final. Tevez and Rooney started that day, but the Fans man of the match was unsurprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Whether we’ll ever see CR7 run out at Old Trafford in a red shirt remains to be seen. However, the best striker in the world and the man for the big occasion would be the clear choice to lead the United line against Liverpool. I’m confident that we’ll be putting Klopp’s headless sprinters back in their place soon, so someone of Ronaldo’s caliber might not even be necessary. It would be funny and entertaining, though.

Is there any need to discuss the statistics of Ronaldo? Not really. They’re better than any other player on the planet. Any nonsensical ramblings about him not turning up in big games were put to rest a long time ago. Ronaldo leading the line against Liverpool in the Champions League Final would be the obvious choice. Against Mignolet, he’d probably score a hat-trick……by half-time.

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  1. I recognise that Ronaldo is an all-timer, I respect Ronaldo as a pro but I just can’t choose him over Suarez. Suarez is so much less talented but burns for the win so much harder. Ronaldo needs a whole team working for him to hit the heights. Suarez works for his team mates. I’ve never seen a forward run like that for other players and still score as many as he does. Cut and dried for me: Suarez

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