Carrick v Henderson
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Carrick v Henderson battle: Is Henderson really this much more of a beast?

Carrick v Henderson. Both club captains,. Both England internationals. Both accomplished, combative midfielders. Carrick and Henderson have been there and done it. Both players played a similar number of games in the Premier League last season, so it should give a good insight. Now, with both players leading teams into a Premier League title battle we ask: who’s better?

Carrick V Henderson

Carrick V Henderson: Attack

Neither of these players are known for their attacking prowess and it shows. Michael Carrick didn’t score any goals last season, but he took 8 shots. His shooting accuracy was 0%. Maybe one to work on Michael? Henderson fared a little better. He scored once. It was a right footed goal. He took 17 shots last season in 24 games. 4 of those were on target, giving him a shooting accuracy of 24%. He missed one big chance, however,

Winner: Henderson, by 1.

Carrick V Henderson
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Carrick V Henderson: Team Play

Last season, Jordan Henderson made 4 assists. He completed 2,057 passes, making 85.7 per match. Carrick didn’t complete any assists and passed 1,263 times. That makes 54.9 passes per match. The Manchester United Captain got in 4 crosses with a 0% accuracy rate, played 4 through balls and managed 79 accurate long balls for his side.

Jordan Henderson created 3 big chances and completed 65 crosses with an accuracy rate of 25%. The Liverpool man played 5 through balls and 165 accurate long balls.

Winner: Henderson, clearly ahead on all stats.

Carrick V Henderson
Image: Eurosport

Carrick V Henderson: Defence

Maybe Michael Carrick can pull the gap back here. He completed 26 tackles last season with a success rate of 65%. He blocked 3 shots, made 41 interceptions and completed 37 clearances. 18 of those were with his head. Carrick recovered the ball 107 times and won 61 duels with other players, losing 38.

Henderson tackled 88 times last season with a success rate of 73%. He blocked 4 shots, made 39 interceptions and 40 clearances. 19 of those were with his head. He recovered 212 balls and won 135 duels, losing 106. The Liverpool captain won 5 50/50 balls and 26 aerial battles. Carrick took 7 50/50 balls and 10 aerial battles.

Winner: Henderson, by a narrower margin this time. Carrick won on 50/50 balls and interceptions.

Overall, Carrick at United needs to protect the centre halves behind him and hold the centre of the pitch. He presses space and makes himself available to cover defensive duties in midfield when the Manchester United attack breaks with players like Pogba and Mkhitaryan. United is a team in transition under Mourinho. When things begin to settle and the side begins to develop a steady winning pattern we might see higher stats for the club captain. Henderson is arguably more of a natural leader. Players at Liverpool look up to the Captain and the likes of Lallana have even said he has an aura about him not unlike Gerrard in the dressing room. His stats show a willingness to work for a side still also fighting to find a rhythm. Injuries have plagued his career these last two seasons but if he can steer clear of absences he should be a real help to Liverpool’s aspirations.

Overall winner: Jordan Henderson

So the stats are there and they tell a very clear tale. But do you agree with the decision? Vote and comment below and don’t forget to share with other fans.


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