Coutinho v Eriksen

Honestly, Coutinho can suck my fat one if he leaves

Honestly where would this boy be if he wasn’t picked up by Liverpool and brought through. When we found him the boy was scampering around the fucking advertising hoardings with the ball on the half mown cow fields of Serie A with an Inter side still in freefall from dizziness the 20 minutes of success gave them. He could barely string two passes together and was too busy practising his stepovers to get anywhere near the Selecao. And this was a team where Lucas was a fucking regular. He was another one of the fancy boys who never quite had the final pass, look good on youtube videos but you’d never actually play in a game of any import.

Thankfully for this boy Liverpool stepped in and took the time on him. We showed him patience. ANd let’s face it, it took a lot. Fuck. How wasteful was he when he first showed up. How many times did the lad go for glory when all the game asked for was the simple ball. You almost feared for the gteam when he got the ball. But patience. From team and from the fans. And he worked at it. Give him the credit too.

So now, he hits a streak of form in a side more than actively supporting his development and play and the big boys in red and blue come knocking and he wants out? Honestly fuck that. I’m enraged. You spend the time on a player. You spend the money and work building something. And Liverpool aren’t done building. Not by a long shot. We need the centre half. I still think we need a number nine. But fucking stay and build something beautiful mate. Don’t just fuck off and plug into some dream team bullshit where you’ll be cleaning Messi’s boots and giving him all the time and space he needs to look great. That’s why Zlatan and Neymar left. Have some fucking moxy.

If he leaves, fuck him. If we sell him for less than 100 I think it’s robbery. He’s one of the key players of the next generation on the global stage. If you’re going to leave fucking leave in May. Don’t leave 6 minutes before the first whistle so all the musical chairs are taken and Liverpool need to wait till January to pay over the odds for some reject from Lyon or something.

Show some class mate. Stay.


  • Jimmy Pepper

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