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Why Matic is the final piece in the puzzle that will make you believe in United again

United needed a mobile and prolific forward. They also needed a sturdy and reliable centre half. But Mark my words, the player Mourinho will be celebrating the most this season is his new. midfield anchor.

Everyone knows you win leagues I  the midfield.  Come knew it last season when he signed Kante.  After an early wobble last season, Pogba established himself among the top performers in the middle of the park. Herrera came through to play the patient, intelligent facilitator. But they lacked the hard man. Fellaini was never up to supporting a side with the aspirations United have. Matic is.

We saw it against Real Madrid right away. Just a calm, composed worker used to top level football and comfortable in the company of real talent. Make no mistakes, this is what United will face in the Champions League every match.

Matic is the player Herrera and Pogba can finally pivot off in midfield. He’s there to protect the defence. He’s also there to calmly choose the simple pass for the attack and work with the team flow.

I have this belief that hard working, thankless, meat and potatoes grunts are what win trophies more than the guys on the covers of video games. Kante. Marchisio. Vieira. Keane. Casimero. I could go on. These boys allow your other players play. And now United have one of the best.

He’s not the new Keane. I think he’s a little better suited to the modern game than that. Watch his movement.  His work rate. Mourinho’s just bought a Ferrari engine. I’ve watched this guy since his early games abroad. He’s always had a solid head on his shoulders and a huge pair of lungs.

With Matic and the other signings Mourinho has made this year, I finally believe the side will be making the step up to a higher level.

Luke Dwyer.

Image: the people’s person.

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