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Wait, we all forgot about Edison Cavani

With the arrival of Neymar and Mbappe at PSG this summer it’s easy to forget the fact that neither will be top scorer this season.  All the hype and columns won’t help them displace the man who scored 49 goals in 50 games last year.

But you’ll rarely hear anyone talk about it.

Has there ever been as talented and prolific a footballer as the Uraguayan goal machine, who’s been doomed to play second fiddle again and again? And again and again

Ask Napoli fans their best forward of the past few years and they’ll definitely answer Gonzalo Higuain. But Cavani scored 78 goals in 108 games for the Southerners. And most came before the club grew into the Champions League regulars they are now.

In 2013 PSG signed the Serie A top scorer for a then massive €64 million. He was feted to support Ibrahimovic who’d joined the year before. Playing second fiddle, Edison scored 25  Then 31 Then 25 goals backing up the Swede.  Finally, last season, Cavani scored a whopping 49 goals in 50 games. Just one shy of Zlatans record which was claimed with an extra game.

He’s already comfortably top scorer in every competition  this season and looks set to remain so on current form. But despite this, No one seems to give a crap. Talk is centred on his Brazilian and French team mates.

Even for Uruguay, Cavani has the misfortune to be playing alongside probably the best number 9 In the game since Ronaldo in Luis Suarez. Cavani’s own record in sky blue is a not inconsiderable 38 goals in 94 games playing the supporting role.

A physical beast as comfortable in the air as with his feet, Cavani is a tireless worker for his team mates and other forwards.

You probably won’t read too many pieces lauding the Uruguayan this year but watch him fight for the golden boot across all competitions.


Barry Kilternan – Galway

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