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Lacazette vs. Morata: Who is the better signing?

Chelsea and Arsenal clash on Sunday. A perfect opportunity for two new strikers to become instant fan favourites. There is another match-up occurring this weekend; Lacazette vs. Morata. The French striker was bought for 52 million. While Morata arrived at Stamford Bridge for around 6 million more. Both strikers are known for their eye for goal, pace and general link-up play. Who will prove to be the better signing?

Goals, goals, goals

Theo, sorry mate. You’re not a striker. Wellz, we could probably say the same about you.

What the Arsenal squad probably say on numerous occasions throughout the season. While Walcott and Wellbeck will flatter against weaker sides, they’re not elite level strikers. Giroud has carried the can admirably. However, it’s clear that something different is needed. Enter a man who has scored 116 goals in 246 career games so far, getting very close to the much sought after “1 goal every 2 game” striker. Morata, two years younger than Lacazette, has netted 61 goals in 174 games so far in his career. This doesn’t sound as impressive as Arsenal’s new man, but there’s a caveat. Morata has only played 7,519 minutes so is averaging  a goal every 124 minutes. While Lacazette has played 17,872 which means that he’s ‘only’ scoring every 154 minutes.

Link-up Play

Keep those minute figures in mind. Lacazette has a total 26 assists in his career, while Morata has a more impressive 25, if you factor in  minutes played. The life of a substitute, eh? In Lacazette’s defence, he does make 1.2 key passes per game versus the 0.7 of Morata. The French striker’s general passing stats are also nearly double those of Morata’s but again, the minutes played are a factor.

Pedigree and Potential

“Lacazette to –insert name of top club here-!” has been a recurring headline over the past few transfer windows. West Ham were apparently even close to signing him at one point. Lyon have taken a backseat to PSG and now Monaco, over the past few years. Their glorious spell at the turn of the century now seems a long time ago. Lacazette has being plying his trade in the fifth of sixth best league in the world, where his goal scoring statistics didn’t exactly set the world alight. However, he clearly has talent and maybe Wenger can get the best out of him. Furthermore, he’ll have plenty of opportunities to score at Arsenal. Even Francis Jeffers could return and score goals for the Gunners now, considering the number of chances they create.

Morata, on the other hand, has a better pedigree. Having Real Madrid and Juventus already on your C.V is pretty impressive for a 24-year-old. Both clubs would like to have him back right now, which shows how highly Morata is rated.

‘I would have liked Morata to stay but he wanted to play more first-team football elsewhere, which was his decision.

Zidane saying only this week that he would have liked the Spanish striker to stay. He went on to say that Madrid are missing a number 9 and Morata would have fit the bill perfectly. While his pedigree appears to be solid, Morata hasn’t ever really had a decent run of games, expect for his season in Turin. That’s the key question. Can he prove his quality over a long, hard Premier League season? Let’s wait for that wet and windy Tuesday night in Stoke.

By John Dawson (PNE supporter)


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