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La liga chief: Barcelona will be forced out of la Liga if Catalonia votes for independence


It’s not as silly an idea as you’d think. For years, fans have debated where the blugrana might play if worst came to worst. But it never really seemed like it would happen. The Spanish district has longed for independence since it was given a popular voice in 1922 by Estat Catala. But now, with a referendum only around the corner, people are wondering how it will effect the hallowed turf of the camp nou.

The chief of La Liga, Javier Tebas, is very clear what will happen if Catalonia votes for independence. “I’m concerned about Barcelona’s future if independence happens.” He said. “I was surprised by comments that said Barcelona could choose where they’d play. It must be clearly said that’s not the case.”

“This is a problem the Catalan clubs will have to deal with.”

Real Madrid Coach Zinedine Zidane said he couldn’t imagine a Spanish league without Barcelona but admitted the problem was complex.

Some have suggested the Catalan side could join another European league. Maybe even Ligue 1. Or create a new, smaller more regional league. But it can’t be imagined the side would continue as the global draw they currently are if this happened. It would also damage TV funding for La Liga which could potentially hurt all teams in the country.

It seems, amazingly, like Brexit, No one has worked any of this out in advance though. The fallout will this only be calculated in the event the referendum is passed and in the unlikely event is acknowledged by the Spanish government.

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