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Liverpool’s new owners: Should they be from Qatar/UAE?

“Liverpool planning sensational late triple swoop!” was just one of the misleading headlines this summer. FSG were never going to spend huge sums of money this summer. A leopard does not change its spots. Over the past few transfer windows, FSG have kept their net spend extremely low, and have even made a profit in some windows. They run Liverpool like a company, which one has to remember, that is actually is.

Money makes the medals go round

Man City had been rubbish for decades. DECADES. Now they possibly have the best attacking line-up in Europe. PSG have just spent 200 odd million on Neymar with a commitment to spend another similar sum for Mbappe next summer. They’re buying titles. Before the Qatari investment arrived, PSG has been struggling for years. Ronaldinho was a bright spark but even he left for a bigger club (nearly United until he requested a private helicopter).

Do Liverpool want rich owners from the Middle East? It’s clear that Klopp’s side do not have the cash to compete at the top end of the table. They’re like Spurs, but Daniel Levy has perhaps been more sensible in his approach. Buying defenders helps. Would a 300 million summer budget guarantee success? The FFP rules are now officially a joke so they could invest heavily, instead of scrambling to bring in Oxlade-Chamberlain on the last day.

Guaranteed Success at a price?

Liverpool fans and integrity go hand-in-hand. Would their club being bought by owners from areas in the world with very questionable human rights issues cause a concern? This could be the biggest factor. Fans of the Kop may not accept success if it means that their club is owned by shady characters. Then again what if LFC would secure their first league title in nearly three decades?

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