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Marouane Fellaini: Man United’s unsung hero and absolute beast

“It’s easier for Galatasaray to get me then to get Marouane. If they need a manager, they can fire [Igor Tudor] and have a chance. But Marouane? Forget it. He is too important for me”

Not a bad endorsement from Jose Mourinho after a summer move was rumoured. Marouane Fellaini has in a strange sort of way, become a fan’s favourite at Old Trafford. It wasn’t so long ago that many United fans were screaming for his very curly head, but how things have changed. Fellaini is now Mourinho’s ‘go-to-man’ when they’re in need of a more direct approach to goal or when a certain level of physicality is required in the middle of the pitch.

Moyes may not have gotten much right…

In hindsight, paying 28 million for Fellaini was a decent deal. In typical Moyes fashion, he allowed the 24 million buyout clause to expire before doing the deal, but in today’s insane transfer market, it wasn’t a bad deal. His first couple of seasons were ones to forget not only for him, but for United in general. Moyes or Van Gaal didn’t get a lot right so figuring out how to utilise a Belgian beast was never a realistic outcome.

The Special One tames the beast

When Mourinho signed for United in the summer of 2016, the media immediately started writing ‘possible exit’ lists. Fellaini was top of nearly every one. He hadn’t set the world alight in his first two years at the club and worst of all, he was a David Moyes signing. It’s like keeping the living room furniture after a brutal homicide has occurred there. The writing was on the wall.

The writing was also in Fellaini’s diary as he penned his frustrations at the demons that were terrorsing his mind. “Who would win in a fight between a T-Rex and a great white shark?” he asked himself every minute of every day. The only respite occurred on the Old Trafford pitch where Fellaini focused on his beast-like qualities, showing the best qualities of the fearsome dinosaur and the fierce lord of the waters. Perhaps the only man to solve this dilemma was Indian’s finest murder detective, Robbie Keane.

Down and Dirty

Mourinho will always have a conservative edge to his teams. When playing away from home against decent sides, the main objective is always to avoid defeat. His victorious Champions League campaigns with Porto and Inter strongly depended on this principle. Fellaini is capable of being a steady and calming influence in the centre of the park. Furthermore, the Belgian is capable of nicking a crucial goal from time to time. The only question is “what should be his role at United?” Let us know by voting below.

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