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Liverpool ambassador Michael Owen hits back at ‘haters’ from his Salford mansion

New Liverpool FC ambassador Michael Owen hit back at criticism over his appointment from the club’s fans. Taking us on a tour of his magnificent home, ‘Stretford End’ the former England striker protested

“No one could love Liverpool more than me. From it’s three European cups to its 20 league titles to overcoming great club tragedies like the Munich Air disaster. This club is based on community.”

Flanked by his two cherished dogs, ‘Sir Bobby’ and ‘Eric’ , Owen showed us around his cabinet of trophies.

“My Premier league winner’s medal would have to be my most cherished possession. In football it’s medals that matter at the end of the day, more than where you’re from or who trained you for fifteen years and put the work in  to help you reach the levels of play and accomplish the dreams you had as a boy.”

Owen says he can’t understand the anger of Liverpool fans. Driving us around his estate in his red Chevrolet.

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“It’s very normal for footballers to leave the teams that made them world class and play for their sworn, deadly rivals. Luis Figo is still beloved at Barcelona. Mo Johnston is still a hero at Celtic and which Spurs player is more of an idol than Sol Campbell? I’m pretty sure all those guys are club ambassadors too!”

At the end of the day, Owen points out that he hasn’t yet made quite enough money out of football and since his punditry work dried up he’s forced into other areas.

“What I had to say on TV was too real for some. Audiences couldn’t handle my cutting humour, incisive analysis and thrilling character. But deep down I always wanted to be a club ambassador at a team I abandoned to win trophies and make more money”

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  1. He’s a prat and I dislike him intensly. He should not

    be an ambassador for Liverpool. This article only goes to underline the reason. Most of us can’t stand him

    When he talks about his cutting humour, incisive
    analysis and thrilling character – what book of fiction was he quoting from because from where I am standing not one of those described this dim utter bore

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