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Another team comes forward with allegations of abuse against David Moyes

A London team, who do not wish to be named, came forward this weekend with an account of abuse by the Scottish manager. It’s a tough read so be warned.

“It was awful. He took us into a little room and closed the door. He made us lots of promises which sounded wonderful.  He had obviously done this before. He had this strange look in his face. Like E.T.  Then… Then he made us do horrible, dreadful things on the pitch. Ugly, desperate acts. We felt so demeaned.  “

The London club is just the latest in a long line of sides to come forward with accusations. A Northern English club went on record to accuse the manager of nightmarish things as recently as last summer.

“Moyes showed up and right away made us feel bad about ourselves. He really broke us down till we didn’t have any confidence left. Then he made us carry out horrific, unspeakable acts in the game.  We felt dirty. We felt like we could never score again for months after.”


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This wasn’t even the first time the Scotsman has been in the dock with stories like this. A Spanish side are on record as regretting having anything to do with Moyes.

“In Spain we are used to a different kind of treatment. A different kind of manager. He treated us, how you say, roughly. Like a piece of meat. Like something he hated. He hated when we were beautiful. When people looked at us with admiration. In the end, people even stopped recognising who we were. We used to pass the ball. Fans cheered. With Moyes there were only tears.”

But the abuse started long before then.  Back in Manchester.

Moyes arrived with some pomp and fanfare.  With a rep for ‘tough love and a ‘painfully honest outlook. The club would find things were about to change drastically from what they were used to.

“We were beloved, the world over. Known for our beauty and success. Envied by many. He cornered us in training areas and robbed us of what made us special. Long balls. Offside traps. One man attacks. He bought Fellaini. He broke us down. Then he angrily denied ever having done it. But it would go on and on behind closed doors until people finally looked at the Premier League table and saw…(sobbing)… and saw what we had become. “

The London club hopes other teams will be strong enough to come forward about their mistreatment too.

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