Kante at Chelsea

N’Golo Kante’s unveiling as Fitbit’s new ambassador ends in disaster

Chelsea midfielder, N’Golo Kante, was unveiled as the new ambassador of the sports-watch brand, Fitbit. However, the event at Stamford Bridge quickly transformed in to a P.R nightmare when Kante caused the company’s servers to crash.

Kante was presented with a new Fitbit prior to his Chelsea training session. He strapped it on his wrist and declared himself ready to go. Tracking steps and heart rate, the watch also syncs to their app, which allows users to see their statistics in more detail. While most Fitbit users target 10,000 steps per day, Kante achieved that tally during his pre-game stretches. A gentle jog increased his step count and heart rate to record breaking levels. The surge in data being sent to Fitbit’s servers put the company under severe technical pressure.

The numbers were off the chart. Users have worn out watches on ultra marathons in the Sahara desert but N’Golo was exceeding those numbers before training even began

– Geoffrey Bit, Fitbit CEO

Kante in ‘Data Surge’ meltdown

When Conte gave a nod for the 5-a-side game to start, Kante caused Fitbit’s servers to crash, plunging million of users around the word in to step-less darkness. Angry users quickly vented their frustrations at the company on social media. Fitbit responded by asking Chelsea to immediately halt their training game. At that point, a clearly bemused Kante was relieved of his watch.

We wish to apologise to our loyal users for the downtime this afternoon. The outage was caused by one user exceeding the maximum limits that our watch is capable of. Service has now resumed and we have taken the tough but understandable decision to remove Kante as our ambassador

– Kate Bit, Spokesperson

Lawyers will now begin working on a settlement package with the French star. Garmin, another player in the sports watch industry, has promised to “have a device ready to take on Kante within the next 18 months”. Chelsea refused to comment on the incident but did reveal that their data experts “intentionally exclude Kante form their analysis”.

Main Image: SkySports

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