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Rangers visit local orphanage. “Their little eyes lacked all hope,” said one 6 year old

Rangers FC took time out of their ballsy championship tilt to visit a local orphanage for paraplegic burn victim kids this week.

“Your heart goes out to them it really does. You take one look at the bereft, lost expression on their little faces and you’d honestly do anything within your power to make them smile,” said 6 year old David Beeney, trying to keep a brave face in front of the Rangers players.

“You take them in your arms, you pat their wee heads and tell them it’s going to get better, that everything’s going to be ok,” said young 9 year old Sarah McCollough, shaking her head, “but you know it’s not.”


We watched as the Kenny Miller and Jason Holt’s little eyes welled up at all the attention they were getting. The children even teamed up to sign a shirt for the players, which brought Declan John to tears.

“You’ve no idea what this means to them,” manager Graeme Murty said, “It’s days like this that get them through the tough times.”

“You can see how hard it is for them. Day in day out with the physio, the psychologists,” little Barry Byrne, 8 years old told us, “but it’ll never give them what they want. No fans will want to adopt this team, no one will want to sponsor them let alone come and see them. It’s a tragic story.” Barry shook his head. “Those poor wee buggers.”


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