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Irish fan still trying to decide which no hoper team to support in the World Cup

Local Irish football fan, David Driscoll today admitted to still being on the fence about which lovable ‘outsider ‘ team he’ll be drunkenly cheering on in Russia.

“It just doesn’t feel right following a team like France or Germany that could actually win. For fans like us, the world cup should and will always be about chasing some impossible fantasy and bravely earning a draw in the group stages with a top seed before being heart-breakingly decimated in the next round and sent home to an open top bus parade.”

“It’s looking like Iceland so far to be honest,” Driscoll said, opening a can mentally at just the thought of next summer, “If only for what they did to England. But there are so many of us in Australia now it might seem almost like a no-brainer plus they do seem genuinely shite.”

Psychologists have called this willfull taste for glorious underdog defeat “retarded” and advised the cup might be far better enjoyed following a side with a game chance of not going out on penalties in tears after some acrimonious disallowed goal against the hosts.  Which who knows could just happen.


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