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Pochettino: We need to learn from our upcoming decades of failure

Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino officially threw in the towel for the next decade for Spurs Premier League hopes, laying the foundation for glory at some point down the line.

“It’s mathematically impossible for us to recover the ground we’ll have lost to the league leader at this point every year, but we need to learn from this so we can regroup and my grandson can lead us to trophies with drones or something in the distant future.”

“It’s always going to be beyond us to compete when teams will be so much better than we will. It’s only by accepting this and never winning anything that we can guarantee success at some point. Trust me.”

Coutinho v Eriksen
Image: Football365

Looking up momentarily from a delicious lunch with his agent and representatives from Bayern Munich, Pochettino was quick to deny Spurs were just weeks from entering back into their tradtional cycle of sacking a progressive foreign manager and selling their best player.

“Its not like the market value of Eriksen, Dele Alli and Kane has peaked at all. They have many glorious years before them of fighting to qualify for the Europa league. Why would Spurs sell now during their once in a lifetime Champions League shop window season?”

Harry Kane’s agent couldn’t be reached for comment as roaming charges from Spain are too pricey.


Image: Sky Sports

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