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“Watching Liverpool play is great!” Superfan Jordan Henderson on his midfield season ticket.

Pollemma caught up with superfan Jordan Henderson, talking about what it’s like to watch the game from the centre of the pitch.

“There’s nowhere better to watch the game from than right in the thick of the action. You haven’t seen Philipe Coutinho’ s skills till you’ve seen him recover a ball you gave away, beat two players and set up Mo Salah with the pass you were trying in the first place.

You haven’t witnessed the thrill of watching Sadio Mane till he beats you to the ball from ten yards behind and actually completes a pass.

These are the memories that stay with you forever as a fan. I mean player. I mean captain.

No, I don’t tend to look behind me much. It’s not that much fun watching the defence these days. I prefer to watch when the guys are going forward. It’s so exciting.

There is a lot of work to in the defence but I’m sure the guys can sort it out.

I love watching the games at Anfield especially. The atmosphere is so special. Joining in with all the songs and chants is the best. They even give me a shirt with my name. They make me take off my scarf before I go out on the pitch though.

Watching Liverpool play is the best.”


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