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Obituary: Man United’s title challenge

Tributes were paid today for the premature passing of Manchester United’s Premier League title challenge.

Aged just 4 months old, the attempt at a league title was still considered so young and full of promise.

Many fond memories include Romelu Lukaku setting up two goals in the derby defeat, bravely parking the bus with a squad worth hundreds of millions against both Arsenal and Liverpool and scraping away with a handful of points and conducting a foodfight in the tunnel leading to Mourinho being soaked with Milk.

“I’ll never forget the way we set out to kill every game,” former star Denis Irwin was heard to say after the memorial service was held before a photograph of Eric Cantona in a poster shop off Oxford street.

Photo by tpower1978

In the end it was a self destructive and reckless lifestyle that many have blamed the tragedy on. Ever since the challenge fell under the spell of a sultry iberian things just never felt the same.

The challenge is survived by the 3rd highest paid manager in the world, the 3rd, 9th and 35th most expensive players in the world and the biggest club in the game unless you count the Spanish ones.


Image: The Independent

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