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Griezmann praised for perfect racist-white-guy costume

France forward Antoine Griezmann earned plaudits this weekend for posting a photo of himself on Instagram in a completely convincing racist-white-jerk costume.

One commentator said :

“The costume had it all. He was fully blacked up, just like a racist guy would, plus he was wearing a comedy afro wig, and a stereotype basketball uniform to really stick the knife in to all those racist white jerks who think it’s ironic and funny to go about in blackface.”

Griezmann even included the number 69 on the shirt to further take the piss, indicating a clinical and nuanced eye for satire as deadly as that in front of goal.

Second rate satirist: George Bernard Shaw

“People are comparing him with some of the great satirists of our time. Like George Bernard Shaw or Peter Cook. It was like he somehow knew exactly how to dress like a racist guy.”

And it didn’t stop there.

“The performance was complete when he came under public fire and he responded by saying it was just a joke and brought up how he had black friends.”

It was almost like he knew every single detail of how to behave. It really was a masterclass in racist-white-jerkery.


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