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Nike promote Bray Wanderers shirts with Coutinho’s name

Thanks to a momentary lapse in the PR team, Nike kits bearing Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho’s name appeared momentarily on the Bray Wanderers website, sparking a frenzy on social media.

The name, written in biro and misspelled, featured beside a ketchup stain.

Coutinho v Eriksen
Image: Here is the City

As a result, speculation is rife the Brazil star is ready to sign for the Seagulls and Liverpool fans aren’t happy.

“This kind of tapping up is totally illegal and Barcelona were recently reprimanded for trying it on with Antoine Griezmann in a similar way.” Bernie Dunne from Bray, also a Barcelona and Liverpool fan, said on Thursday. “It’s a disgrace.”

“Who wouldn’t want to play down by Bray seafront, right beside Bray Bowl and Platform Pizza? The move would be impossible to resist. ”

Nike have refused to comment on suspicions that Wanderers are set to hijack Coutinho’s never-gonna happen transfer to Barcelona, certainly not secretly arranged last summer, which has definitely not already paid for Virgil Van Dyke.

“Liverpool stars don’t leave, end of story,” Dunne went on, “had Bray Wanderers tapped up Sadio Mane like this who knows what might have happened. ”

In related news Cork City shirts with Mo Salah written on the back went on sale this morning in a stall metres from the stadium.


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