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Pellegrino: Finally we have enough money to afford Virgil Van Dijk

Mauricio Pellegrino seemed ecstatic at the idea of finally being among the big money clubs at a press conference today.

“We’re looking for a central defender and now have 75 million to spend. Who better than Virgil Van Dijk?”

Photo by Ronnie Macdonald

The manager looked thrilled with his logic.

“Think about it. Very few teams have this kind of money to spend on a defender, bringing us up into the world’s elite few superclubs. Even United wouldn’t be dumb enough to spend this much on a central defender.”

It means Liverpool should finally have enough money to afford a player like Philippe Coutinho after his transfer to Barcelona is finalised!

Van Dijk couldn’t be reached for comment but it is understood he has already taken a selfie holding a Southampton shirt in front of a Christmas tree for next year.

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