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Liverpool fans complete bi-annual burning of former hero’s shirt

In what has now become a beloved club tradition, Liverpool fans took to the streets yesterday for their bi-annual ceremony of burning the shirt of their former hero and complaining about how the club really doesn’t need him anyway.

Started with the departure of Fernando Torres to Chelsea and continued with Luis Suarez’s transfer to Barcelona, this season saw Phillipe Coutinho shirts set alight and Twitter threads about how they’re a selling club, all to the tune of Ferry cross the Mersey.

Man Utd V Liverpool
Image: The Empire of The Kop

“It’s become a sacred tradition,” one local revealed, “almost as important as repeating that next year is our year. It’s what this club is all about. It’s a disgrace how they came tapping up our player for so longm But in the end there’s one rule for the rich and one rule for the super rich.”

Virgil Van Dijk was on hand to say a few words about how loyalty to a club was the greatest reward football could offer.

Sports stores in the city are already stocking up on Mo Salah shirts to burn ahead of his transfer to Real Madrid in the summer.



*Pollemma is a satire website, this was a satirical article and no footballers were harmed in its production

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