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Sexon to ‘take a knee’ for everyone doing dry January

Leinster star Jonathan Sexton seems set to follow NFL star Colin Kaepernick and take a knee for a marginalised segment of society at Ireland’s next home game.

“These are tough times for some,” the Ireland man said, visibly fuelled by a deep hatred of inequality and sacrifice “You look out into the crowd or you read the news and you see pained faces. You see the struggle in their eyes. You see the regret, the belief. This is our struggle.”

Inspired by the controversial wave of protests that hit the NFL in 2017, Sexton aims to give his public support to the brave heroes with two weeks left on the dry by kneeling when the stadium plays ‘Ireland’s call’. And, just like in the States, people have already begun speaking out against the idea.


“It’s flagrant disrespect for everything that Ireland’s call stands for.” Said one local man, “for one thing it talks about standing.”

It’s as yet unclear if pizza restaurant Papa John’s will react with the same anger here as in the States or if other sporting heroes around the country will mirror the brave fly-half. James McClean and Katie Taylor have been unreachable for comment

While taking a knee, Sexton is expected to hum the theme song from the Guinness Christmas ad in the hope the rest of the team will join him and, for one solemn, glittering moment, provide a shining light for the population of the nation.

“I mean like naturally the players ourselves never stopped drinking for a moment. Because like that would just be ludicrous.”



Image: The Irish times

*Pollemma is a satirical website. No real portsmen or women were harmed in the production of this article.

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