About Pollemma

Pollemma focuses on the most important thing on our planet – 22 players kicking a ball around a field. Forget scientific and medical advancements, football is the key to figuring out the meaning of life. When Lukaku misses a sitter from three yards out, it would make Einstein himself ask himself the question ‘why are we here?’. This is a football satire site, so please do not take anything on here seriously. This is both a disclaimer and appropriate medical advice.

Football Satire – the last resort of a man following the Babelcopter

We have 9-10 months of club football per year and then another 2-3 months of frenetic transfer gossip. Sometimes sandwiched in between is an international tournament. What we’re trying to say is that football is like the soap opera that will never get cancelled and sometimes it’s refreshing make a joke about Phil Mitchell’s problems in the Vic.

If you’re still wondering what the hell we’re talking about, why don’t you read about the David Moyes abuse allegations or how N’Golo Kante’s unveiling as a Fitbit ambassador ended in tears. We tend to publish a new article on a near-daily basis. Have we already mentioned that you shouldn’t take anything on here seriously? Moving on…

If you want to contribute a satirical piece, please get in touch. Our standards are just about higher than Liverpool’s defence but definitely lower than Arsenal’s league aspirations.

Enjoy the read and get in touch on Twitter and Facebook.

*Football is probably completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, but hey, it’s fun watching certain managers park busses