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Which of these players is worth more?

1. Paul Pogba Having joined on a then world record fee, Pogba strained to convince in his early days with Manchester United.  In fairness to the Frenchman, it caused many to overlook a barnstorming season where he immediately proved himself among the highest performers in the league.  With Matic alongside him this season, Pogba is…

Sturridge v jenga
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Daniel Sturridge V A wobbly game of Jenga. Who stays intact longer?

So here's Daniel Sturridge's injury stat list: Injury Club Date Injury Reported Hip/Thigh Injury Liverpool Injuries 2016 August 5th Calf/Shin Injury Liverpool Injuries 2016 May 18th Hamstring Injury Liverpool Injuries 2015 December 6th Ankle/Foot Injury Liverpool Injuries 2015 November 26th Knee Injury Liverpool Injuries 2015 October 16th Hip/Thigh Injury Liverpool Injuries 2015 April 8th Hip/Thigh…