Sturridge v jenga
Liverpool Premier League

Daniel Sturridge V A wobbly game of Jenga. Who stays intact longer?

So here's Daniel Sturridge's injury stat list: Injury Club Date Injury Reported Hip/Thigh Injury Liverpool Injuries 2016 August 5th Calf/Shin Injury Liverpool Injuries 2016 May 18th Hamstring Injury Liverpool Injuries 2015 December 6th Ankle/Foot Injury Liverpool Injuries 2015 November 26th Knee Injury Liverpool Injuries 2015 October 16th Hip/Thigh Injury Liverpool Injuries 2015 April 8th Hip/Thigh…

Everton vs Palace prediction
Premier League

Ronald Koeman: The right man for Everton?

Author: @allezallezohefc Ronald Koeman is certainly no stranger to elite European football, making over 190 appearances for Barcelona and managing the likes of Ajax. But the question remains, is this Dutchman the right man for Everton? Sure, 4 games in to the new Premier League season, and Everton are flying. Unbeaten in the league and lying…

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What is the most hated club in England?

More success = more hate ABU has become a way of life for many Liverpool supporters live in 1991 Chelsea's 'thuggery' does not them any favours Man City - apathetic 'plastic' fans Shout out to Leeds and Millwall! More Success = More Hate As the Notorious B.I.G once eloquently rapped "Mo money, Mo problems". The big spending clubs in…

Was Leicester's triumph down to equal TV income?
Premier League

Was Leicester’s triumph down to equal TV income?

All Premier League sides receive identical income from TV rights This equality is not reflected in other major European leagues Allows "smaller" clubs to compete with the top sides New TV deal is worth £5.136bn over 3 years This fairy tale could not happen in Spain or Germany Congratulations to Leicester on a marvellous achievement. The preferred adjective…