Benfica Curse
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The Benfica Curse and how to lift it.

With Halloween fast approaching we decided to delve into a seldom visited corner of the footballing world, curses, hexes and superstitions and things that go bump on the goal line. Perhaps the greatest example of this, to this day is the Benfica curse placed by Hungarian coach, Béla Guttmann on Portuguese giants, Benfica. Before we…

Ibrahimovic aguero
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Ibrahimovic v Aguero: Who’s scored more goals?

It already looks like Ibrahimovic v aguero  is going to be the main striker rivalry this season (with nothing but respect to Sturridge, Lukaku, Giroud, Vardy and Kane), but how do they rate against one another historically? Let's compare in terms of: Club goals scored to games played International goals Titles won   Ibrahimovic v Aguero: Club Goals…