Should global sports ‘Take a knee’ too?

Racism is not confined to North America. But something powerful is happening there. Thanks to a number of brave NFL players, each game is being marked with a peaceful, but very marked protest. Taking one knee during the American National Anthem is controversial enough that even Donald Trump has taken an embittered if predictable stance…


Care about your team? Write a rant about it!

Pollemma is the fan’s opinion. Got an opinion about your team? About the game or anyone in it? Get it off your chest here, get it read and shared by thousands of fans. Rant about anything, ticket prices, shirts, players, coaches, you name it. Your post will go live RIGHT AWAY so you can start sharing it…

Man United Uncategorized

Is this Man Utd’s first choice defence?

Manchester United’s four match US tour was far more successful than last year’s problem laden tour of Asia. Manager Jose Mourinho was able to experiment with different combinations of players while taking on fit MLS opposition and elite European teams.  In all of the different machinations tried by Mourinho a Victor Lindelof, Eric Bailly centre…

Kane scores for Spurs

Is Harry Kane the best striker in the world?

By 'Rob Doyle' Full disclosure: I’m a Spurs fan. That might help explain the sensationalist headline. However, it also gives me insight in to why I feel Kane has become world-class. I’ve seen firsthand how our talisman has developed over the past few seasons. It’s not a coincidence that Kane’s arrival on the scene had…

Scholes competing with Gerrard

Scholes V Gerrard: Who was the better player?

Sven Goran-Eriksson’s England legacy has become tarnished over time. When you consider the talent the Swedish coach had at his disposal, the so-called ‘golden generation’, the Three Lions surely under achieved during his tenure. While Eriksson had some famous moments to celebrate, one of the main criticisms during his time was over his team selection.…